Tackling Temporary Staffing Needs


The start of a new school year is an exciting time, but it can also be stressful for schools dealing with temporary staffing issues. At CER, we specialize in helping schools overcome these challenges and ensuring a smooth transition.


Every school year brings fluctuations in staffing due to teacher turnover, leaves of absence, and changing enrolments. Temporary staffing problems can disrupt the learning process, but CER has the solutions you need.

CER’s Targeted Solutions


CER Education understands the unique challenges of temporary staffing problems, and we offer tailored solutions:


Rapid Staffing Support: CER has an extensive network of educators ready to step in when you need them. Whether it’s long or short-term supply or a temporary placement, we can connect you with highly qualified professionals swiftly, minimising disruptions in your school.


Streamlined Hiring: We take care of the entire hiring process for you. CER handles candidate sourcing, interviews, and background checks, saving your school valuable time and resources while ensuring top-quality temporary staff.

Quality Assurance: We maintain strict standards for the educators we place in your school. Thorough evaluations ensure that they meet your specific requirements and align with your educational goals, even for temporary positions.



Tailored Temporary Solutions: CER works closely with your school to create customized temporary staffing solutions. Whether you need a supply teacher with expertise in a particular subject or temporary support staff, we adapt to your unique needs.

As a new school year begins, the demand for temporary educators to fill staffing gaps intensifies. CER Education is dedicated to helping schools struggling with temporary staffing issues achieve back-to-school success. Our expertise in matching schools with the right temporary educators ensures a seamless transition into the academic year, allowing educators and students to focus on learning and growth.


Contact CER Education today to discover how we can help your school navigate temporary staffing challenges, making this academic year the best one yet. Together, we can ensure your institution overcomes temporary staffing hurdles and continues to “Help educate the next generation.” At CER, it’s not just a tagline – it’s our mission.


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