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We truly value our teaching staff and the role they play in our children’s education. With a deep understanding of the education sector and a commitment to personalised service, we go above and beyond to ensure that candidates are placed within the perfect role for them. Whether you’re looking to work in primary, secondary or special educational settings, we guarantee we’ll have a role to suit you. To get started, explore our latest teaching jobs below.


Teacher of Design Technology (DT)

Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire

£150 - £245 per day

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One to One Tutors

Kingston Upon Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire

£30 - £35 per hour

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Key Stage 2 Teacher

Maghull, Merseyside

£130 - £212 per day

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Key Stage 1 Teacher

Crosby, Merseyside

£130 - £212 per day

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Secondary Teacher

Kingston Upon Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire

£100 - £160 per day

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Science Teacher

Kingston Upon Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire

£120 - £180 per day

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Class Teacher

Grimsby, Lincolnshire

£110 - £180 per day

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Class Teacher

East Riding of Yorkshire

£110 - £180 per day

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Teaching Assistant

Sunderland, Tyne and Wear

£83.34 - £97.87 per day

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Primary Teacher

Sunderland, Tyne and Wear

£120 - £153.83 per day

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Opportunities for teaching staff


From short to long term positions, we can guarantee that we have a role to suit every lifestyle, with flexible working hours and great rates of pay. 


We have contracts with some of the largest Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) across England. The only way to work on supply at the Trust is through registering with us.


We offer a variety of roles catering to different settings and specialities. Explore our teaching jobs below:




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Career advice for teachers


At CER, we’re dedicated to not only helping teachers excel in their current roles but also providing guidance and support for their long-term career development. Click here to view our career advice page.


How to Be a Successful Teacher


Being a teacher can be hard work, but it can also be a very rewarding career. Are you thinking of becoming a teacher? Or are you looking for ways to become a more successful teacher? This article outlines the qualities of a successful school teacher.


How to Use Differentiation Strategies in the Classroom


Students have different backgrounds, language abilities, knowledge, and academic skill levels. Therefore, teachers must use specialised teaching methods known as differentiated teaching strategies to adapt to their needs. Learn more about how to implement these in the classroom.


How Teachers Can Use Technology in the Classroom


In today’s digital age, technology has become an important part of our daily lives, and education is no exception. In this article we outline how teachers can leverage technology to create dynamic and effective learning experiences in the classroom.


7 Ways Teachers Can Motivate Students


Motivating students is one of the most critical aspects of effective teaching. As a teacher, you’re a guide, mentor and a source of inspiration for your students. Learn more about what strategies you can use to motivate your students in the classroom.


Primary Teacher Guide: Duties, Qualifications and Career Paths


Primary school teachers are responsible for the education and development of children between the ages of 5 and 11. In this guide we outline the responsibilities, qualifications, salary expectations, and career opportunities for primary teachers.


Supply teaching FAQs


Supply teaching offers a dynamic and flexible career path for teachers looking to make a meaningful impact in various classroom settings. Whether you’re an experienced teacher seeking temporary jobs or exploring different opportunities, we’re here to provide insights into the role of a supply teacher and the qualifications required to begin on this career path.


Supply teachers play a vital role in supporting schools during times of staff absence, professional development days, or unexpected vacancies. As a supply teacher, you have the opportunity to work with diverse student populations, collaborate with different school teams, and gain valuable experience across a range of educational settings.


Explore our FAQs to gain insights into supply teaching and how to become a teacher dedicated to supporting students.


View supply teaching FAQs

Why join CER Education?


We give all our candidates access to Affinity Extra – our online discount and cashback platform. There’s hundreds of discounts and cashback offers on high street stores, supermarkets, restaurants, cinemas and attractions for you to access!


As well as discounts and cashback offers candidates also have access to wellbeing resources and free eye tests. Click here to learn more about Affinity Extra.


Candidates can log into their Affinity Extra account below:


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Affinity Academy


We’re thrilled to introduce you to Affinity Academy – our dedicated hub for learning and development. It’s designed to inspire our candidates and colleagues, helping them excel in their roles and beyond.


Our training portfolio has been thoughtfully curated to meet your needs. All candidates have access to comprehensive training modules such as Teaching Assistant Toolkits, Safeguarding Refresher Training, SEND, Primary National Curriculum, and Behaviour Toolkits.


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CER x Skills Network Partnership


CER have partnered with The Skills Network as part of our newly launched training initiative, Affinity Academy. We are here to support you in your new role by offering fully funded training opportunities. Explore over 30 level 2 online learning courses that will help you upskill, reskill, and personally develop.


This opportunity provides access to interactive and engaging resources that meet a diverse range of learning needs. Explore our array of courses, each designed to drive you towards success.


Visit the CER x Skills Network page

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Interview Tips for Teachers

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Career Paths and Opportunities in Education

Working in the Education sector is a challenging but fulfilling vocation that offers a wide variety of career progression opportunities.

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Training Opportunities With CER

Check out some of our exclusive training opportunities for Teachers, Teaching Assistants and Cover Supervisors.

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Dealing With Mental Health in a School Setting

Being a teacher is not always about educating young people. As a teacher, you will have a unique relationship with your class and can sometimes be the one person that a student turns to for emotional support if they are struggling.

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Benefits of Working on Supply

As part of our recruitment campaign ‘Unlocking your potential’, we have been speaking to our candidates about the benefits of working as a supply teacher with CER. 

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Hear from our teachers


“I have been very pleased with CER from the start. The schools I have been placed with have suited my skills and experience and I have always had my needs and concerns attended to by the staff dealing with my placements.”






– Maths Teacher, CER Liverpool

“In the short period of time I have worked with CER, I have found all their staff very attentive and active in securing employment for me. I have found their staff incredibly friendly especially as I am new to the concept of agency employment. The workplace culture is not a situation CER can control but on the whole I have some very positive working environment. Thanks, your time and efforts are very much appreciated.”



– Supply Teacher, CER Leeds

“Doing supply with the agency really helped me explore different schools to the point that I am now employed by a school where I have done placements at. Getting paid weekly was amazing. The Darlington branch has been really good at making sure they don’t send me too far for when I need to be back.”





– Supply Teacher, CER Darlington

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