Meet Sarah, a Teaching Assistant with CER Liverpool


Starting the day with a call from the team at CER Liverpool, Sarah Williams gears up for a new adventure as a teaching assistant. Each day is a mix of different tasks, and Sarah shares why being a supply teaching assistant with CER is so enjoyable.


“Working with CER means every day is a new challenge, moving between different schools and classrooms. It’s exciting to adapt quickly and meet the unique needs of students,” says Sarah, appreciating the dynamic nature of her role.


In the morning, she dives into supporting primary school students with their work. “Being a teaching assistant with CER means thinking on your feet. I love helping students understand things better and boosting their confidence in learning,” she adds.

During lunch, Sarah connects with colleagues, forming bonds in each school community. “Getting to know people from different schools has widened my view on teaching. It’s a supportive community that helps me grow professionally,” she mentions, highlighting the teamwork aspect.


In the afternoon, Sarah tackles various tasks, from assisting with fun activities to contributing to special education programs. “The variety keeps me motivated. I enjoy playing a role in the overall development of students beyond the classroom,” she shares.


Reflecting on the day’s end, Sarah feels proud of her impact on students’ lives. “There’s a sense of fulfilment in shaping their educational journey positively. It’s about creating a happy learning space,” she expresses.

Exploring the Teaching Assistant Role:


  • Adaptability: Teaching assistants at CER easily switch between classrooms, embracing change.


  • Supporting classwork: They help primary students with their work, making sure they understand and feel confident.


  • Flexibility: Thriving in a fast-paced environment, teaching assistants adapt to the evolving needs of students and teachers.


  • Networking and teamwork: Building connections with colleagues during breaks, they create a supportive professional network, emphasising collaboration.
  • Varied tasks for well-Rounded learning: Engaging in different activities, they contribute to a holistic educational experience.


  • Assisting special education programs: Ensuring inclusive learning, teaching assistants support special education programs for all students.


  • Student growth in all aspects: Focusing on overall student development, they play a vital role in shaping academic and personal growth.


  • Positive classroom atmosphere: Creating a positive and supportive space for learning is a priority for CER teaching assistants.


  • Making a positive impact: Reflecting on their influence on students, they consistently strive to make a positive difference in each student’s educational journey.

Summing up her experience, Sarah shared, “Being a teaching assistant with CER is more than a job; it’s a journey. CER provides a platform for making a meaningful impact on students while growing as a teaching assistant.”


Her passion shines through, echoing the idea that every day with CER is a chance to make a positive difference in students’ lives.


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