With exam season starting this week, it’s natural as a parent to want your child to feel as prepared as possible. You want to provide the best support for your child and help prepare them. But where do you begin?



Here are some effective exam revision techniques that you can implement to help your child prepare for their exams with confidence…

Create a structured study plan

Encourage your child to create a realistic study plan that outlines specific goals and milestones for each subject. Break down the revision  into manageable sections and allocate sufficient time for each topic. A well-structured study plan will help your child stay motivated throughout the revision period and will reduce the likelihood of feeling overwhelmed.



Provide a distraction-free environment

A quiet and organised study environment plays an important role in concentration and focus. Create a dedicated space for your child to study, free from distractions such as television, mobile devices or loud noises.

Revise regularly

Consistency  is key. Encourage your child to revise regularly and allocate dedicated time for practice tests and sample questions. Problem-solving activities will enhance their understanding of concepts and boost confidence.



Support your child’s emotional well-being

Exam periods can be emotionally challenging for students. Be mindful of your child’s emotional well-being. Encourage open communication, offer positive reassurance and remind them that their worth is not solely determined by exam results.

Seek help from an online tutor


Tutors can assess your child’s strengths and weaknesses, identify areas that require improvement, and develop a customised study plan tailored to their needs. A tutor can also address any questions or doubts about specific topics. 


Do you think your child may benefit from tutoring? Get in touch with us today to meet our tutors and find out how they can help your child excel in their exams.