Working in Partnership


Affinity Workforce Solutions has launched a brand new campaign – Affinity Zero, to help protect communities across the globe by reducing its carbon footprint.


CER Education, part of Affinity Workforce Solutions (AWS), is committed to playing its part in helping the planet by reducing the organisation’s carbon footprint and becoming a sustainable business.


AWS and its sister brands have teamed up with organisations Greener Energy Futures and TEMWA Carbon Balance, to offset and reduce its carbon emissions to protect communities across the world that are severely impacted by climate change. Savings made through reducing our carbon will be re-directed to support education projects in Malawi.


Affinity Zero


As part of Affinity Zero, AWS has appointed 7 green champions across its 10 branches to drive change across the businesses to become greener and more sustainable.


Working with Greener Energy Futures, AWS’ green champions have built a 7-point action plan to address key areas of the business where it can reduce its carbon footprint.


CEO of AWS, Esme Bianchi-Barry said: “Sustainable is one of our six company values, so it is important that we live and breathe by our values and they are at the heart of everything we do.


“As an education recruitment agency, we feel it is necessary we do everything we can to support communities across the globe that are affected by climate change. We want to help them build communities where they can learn and thrive.”

Tree planting


Where its carbon cannot be neutralised, AWS has teamed up with TEMWA Carbon Balance to plant trees in Malawi to offset any carbon used.


In January 2023, TEMWA Carbon Balance planted 4,120 trees in Malawi from the funds provided by AWS. Due to climate change, Malawi and in particular Nkhata Bay has experienced more frequent extreme weather including heavy rainfall, droughts and floods. Since 2000, the Nkhata Bay district has lost 22% of its forest, so AWS wants to help support these communities by helping with reforestation.

Although this is a positive step forward to offset its carbon, CEO, Esme Bianchi-Barry, believes there’s still more AWS can do to become a greener organisation.


She explained: “It is great to see the positive impact we have made by funding the planting of trees in Malawi however, there is still a lot of work to do. We are reviewing our travel and procurement policies, looking to partner with greener brands and implementing a green energy pledge. These small steps will hopefully make a massive difference in reducing our carbon footprint.”


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