This National Careers Week, we take a look at the importance of work experience and how securing work placements can help open the doors for young people to explore different career options.  

Here at CER, we provide schools and colleges with employability support and work experience programmes for students aged 16-19. 

Our Employment Engagement Advisers play a fundamental part in the development and progression of young people. Through the work placements our Employment Engagement Advisers arrange, it helps students to build an understanding of a work environment and develop valuable skills such as communication, team-working and problem-solving. 

The Virtual World

In response to the impact Covid-19 had on the workplace, CER offers a Virtual WEX delivery across a wide curriculum, fully tailored with live employer work-based tasks. Students have even more opportunities as they can connect with employers across the UK, regardless of their geographical location. 

An example of this was in June 2021, when CER organised a Virtual Work Experience programme for 180 students from the Creative Arts Department. 

The five-day programme included:
•    A daily skills-based video presentation
•    Skills and strengths sessions
•    Task-based activities
•    Employer engagement
•    CV writing and letter of application managed by a fully qualified L/6 Careers Advisor
•    Reflection and journey of progression

The week gave students a taste of the workplace and the new way of working remotely for many businesses. 


Work experience is an essential part of the progression and development of young people. Not only does it provide an insight into the world of employment, but it is an opportunity for them to explore different career pathways. This can empower young people to make better, informed decisions about their career journey. 


Work experience doesn’t just benefit the student, it is also an opportunity for employers to engage with future employees who have different skillsets. Students can bring a fresh, innovative outlook to a business and can help think out of the box. It is also an opportunity for existing staff to become mentors and support the students during their placement. 

For more information about the support, CER can provide to your school or college, contact or call 0203 957 8080

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