David Parsons

Regional Operations Director

Get to know David...

How long have you been in the Education/Recruitment Industry?

I’ve been with CER in the North East for 9 years, before that I spent a year working in Manchester for a recruitment firm specialising in qualified social workers.  

What is your biggest achievement since working at CER?

Securing and implementing the first 3 CCS Managed Service Provisions in the country. All of which have been direct awards. I have also taken enormous pride in being able to open a branch for CER in my hometown - Darlington. 

What do you love the most about working at CER?

I am massively lucky to work with the people I do across the North East, the individuals in the Newcastle and Darlington branches are by far the best part of my role, because they are so good at what they do. I get all the motivation I need to continue to come in every day and push harder so I can be the manager they need me to be.

How would your fellow colleagues describe you?

Confident, driven and also as a robot for eating the exact same lunch EVERYDAY!

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