Chris Carter

Senior Operations Manager

How long have you been in the Education/Recruitment industry?

13 years’ experience working from a trainee up! 

What is your biggest achievement since working at CER?

Outside of work my biggest achievement was completing 24 hour race where I ran 160km or 16 laps of a 10k circuit. In work I have been a team Teach trainer for 3 years now and held training courses which have seen 200+ candidates achieve their qualification across our business to date. 

What do you love most about working for CER?

I love being part of a great community of individuals who want to deliver an outstanding service to the schools and candidates that we support, I’m rewarded for a job well done and get to work with an outstanding team who I consider to be friends as well as colleagues – what more could you want in a job! 

How would your fellow colleagues describe you?

Young face, old hair…supportive and driven to succeed, always striving to see others succeed and meet their goals..

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